Kiran Lee

Kiran is a naturalist, conservationist and biologist-in-residence at OmVed Gardens. His current research uses genetics to investigate the implications of near-extinction in a songbird population. He uses scientific background to enhance positive nature connections in urban settings, through habitat curation, education and community events. Urban gardens in particular have great conservation power. Kiran maintains a living document record of what he does at OmVed, in case others are interested in doing the same for their gardens or are interested in collaborations. He spends as much time as possible outdoors, usually birdwatching.

Describe the nature around you at the moment.

It is beautiful and I feel so so grateful for it. I’m surrounded by a safe home, loving family, supportive friends and amazing urban wildlife. These are not things to be taken for granted.

Where do you feel most at ease?

Swimming. I love the weightlessness when floating. We begin our lives floating, weightless, in our heroically weighted mothers. Maybe there is an innate safety our bodies feel returning to that environment in a pool or a lake or ocean. I exit the water completely relaxed.

What life lessons have you learned through ecology?

All of natural history’s happenings and goings have been taking place for thousands of years. We are only a transient part of this. Lead a loving, kind and joyful existence if you can!

Which song, book or poem nurtured your relationship with nature?

An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology during my undergraduate. It explains many natural phenomena using a few simple principles in evolutionary biology.

What are you curious about at the moment?

My father and I built a dead hedge in our garden over the Summer. I look forward to seeing it support new life over the years.

What inspires you every day?

Interacting with wildlife.

What kind of ancestor would you like to be?

A nurturing ancestor.

What is your strongest sense-memory of being in nature? How did that moment impact you? (question from #TheNatureKind interview with composer Benjamin Tassie)

Scuba diving with a mola mola. My mum got me hooked on diving when I was 10 years old, and we have clocked up over 400 dives together as buddies. Seeing the strange looking fish together was incredible and really the pinnacle of our scuba diving journey.

What question would you like to ask to the next person on #TNK?

If you got the chance to interact with any organism in the world, what would that organism be?

And could you suggest someone else or other organisations you admire that we could approach for #TheNatureKind

Aurelie Ernesta - Specialist Warden at Cousin Island Nature Reserve.

You can find out Kiran's 2022-2023 Ecology report of OmVed Gardens here.

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