Noticing Everyday Nature - Instagram and Twitter campaign by Where the Leaves Fall


Join our #noticingeverydaynature campaign on Instagram and Twitter.

Where the Leaves Fall has teamed up with the University of Derby’s Nature Connectedness Research Group to encourage people to let nature enhance their wellbeing. Studies have found that noticing nature has been shown to boost feelings of elevation and a sense of general connectedness. Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected to nature.

All you need to do is be mindful of the everyday natural elements and objects around you on a daily basis (e.g. trees, clouds, leaves, the moon, house plants, animals), and notice how these make you feel and what emotions they evoke.

When you encounter a natural object, element, or scene that evokes a strong emotion or moves you in some way, take a photograph of it and create a post or story on Instagram or Twitter with the below tags – caption it with a word or description about how this connection with everyday nature made you feel.

Tags to use:

Instagram: #noticingeverydaynature @wtlfmag @DrHAPassmore @findingnature_ @omvedgardens

Twitter: #noticingeverydaynature @wtlfmag @Passmore_HA @findingnature

You can take as many photographs as you like, but try to take at least 10 over the course of two weeks. Be mindful of how the everyday nature you notice makes you feel on a daily basis, but space the photographs out on different days.

This campaign will run all through April – try to Instagram one photograph a day. Remember: it’s not about great photography or even poetic writing skills, but how nature makes you feel. Simply notice everyday nature and describe how it makes you feel.