Issue #9

Collaboration Community Consciousness

This issue delves into menstrual cycle ecology, Aboriginal farming techniques with Bruce Pascoe, marine sanctuaries, inner disruptions with women from Vaupés, Colombia, human-plant relationships, edible education, social justice spaces, the Buransh tree celebration and more.

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Seeking Reverence
When anxious about the state of the world, poetry can provide solace.

Cycle Awareness
How can menstrual cycle awareness provide a blueprint for imagining a world beyond the ecological crisis?

The Power of the Space In-Between
To break free of boxes or borders and venture into unfamiliar territory can feel deepening and exhilarating, but equally it can be terrifying and disorientating.

Without Vultures
Vultures around the world are facing a crisis, and that crisis impacts us all.

Ancient Knowledge, Future Farming
An interview with Bill Gammage, an Australian academic historian, and Bruce Pascoe, a Yuin and Bunurong Aboriginal Australian writer and farmer. Their book Country: Future Fire, Future Farming, implores readers to reconnect with traditional Aboriginal practices to stave off uncontrollable bushfires and embrace more sustainable farming techniques.

Conservation Politics
An international group of scuba divers and conservationists established a 43-hectare marine sanctuary at Danjugan Island in the Philippine archipelago. But in addition to their conservation work, they are also having to win over local fisherfolk and politicians.

Slow Fruit
Over the centuries we have lost an estimated 13,000 varieties of apple, along with countless family orchards. This realisation has led to a resurgence in traditional fruit farming, with orchards taking time to nurture a range of flavours and reconnect with the rhythm of the seasons.

Inner Disruptions
Words and photography by Liliana Merizalde. Inner Disruptions is a project with women from different communities and ethnic groups from Vaupés, Colombia. They are women who have endured estrangement from their traditions, forced displacement from their land, and violence caused by armed groups.

Rooted Beings
An exhibition at London’s Wellcome Collection explores the relationship between human bodies, plants, and planetary health.

Edible Education
The benefits of nutritious free school meals can impact and elevate whole communities, and together with school gardens and nutrition programmes, are fundamental to future generations’ understanding of the link between what we grow, what we eat, and the environment.

Occupation Kitchen
How the kitchen of an occupied building in São Paulo, Brazil, became part of a social justice movement to provide food, shelter, cultural activities and job opportunities.

Attuned Landscapes: an Interview with Murray Livingston
Murray Livingston is a South African-born photographer, based in the UK, but currently living on the road in a bespoke van while exploring long-term photography projects throughout Europe. He leads contemplative field photography workshops, sells carbon neutral fine art prints, and shares his travels and photography on his YouTube channel.

Words and photography by Deepti Asthana. Buransh is the state tree of Uttarakhand, Northern India. The flowers vary in colour depending on the altitude - ranging from red to pink to white.

Issue #9

Collaboration Community Consciousness

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