Issue #7

Perception Equity Revolution

The themes of this issue encompass the power of language in shaping our relationship with nature; human vulnerability within ecosystems; food systems and social justice and environmental activism and philosophy.

Cover of Issue #7


The World is a Spirit Vessel
An edited extract from The Web of Meaning: Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to Find Our Place In the Universe by Jeremy Lent.

Striving for Equity
South African cultural practitioner, food activist and artist, Zayaan Khan collaborates with organisations working in land reform, agrarian transformation and food justice, looking to understand the socio-political contexts of present day crises and unhinge our dependency on neoliberalism, with Indigenous food reclamation at the heart of her activities.

Rights of Nature
A number of countries have passed laws granting rights to nature, but we should not assume that this legal mechanism always benefits the environment.

Be the Revolution
Brazilian Indigenous activist, environmentalist, and politician, Sônia Guajajara was born in 1974 on Terra Indígena Araribóia (Araribóia Indigenous Land). There was no local secondary school, but she decided at a young age that she wanted an education, and her parents, who were not educated themselves, supported her ambition.

The Mathematics of Nature
Through understanding the numerical designs at work in the world, writer Abass Owolabi Adesola feels closer to nature.

Two Hundred and Fifteen Seeds, Unearthed
When Krystina Amato thinks of native species, she has a nostalgic reverie for the plants she grew up alongside. The way forward involves taking personal responsibility to learn the true history of the place we call home, starting with the Indigenous people’s version.

The Call of Time
As Black cinema reconnects us with African notions of time, it also allows us to consider a more balanced relationship with life, ancestrality and the environment.

Wax and Wane
Tuning into the cycles of the moon can help connect us to nature and give our lives direction.

After the Winter
Reconnecting with the Earth can help us recover from the pandemic and prepare for the future.

The Earthly Sensuous
The intense connection with the natural world that is felt by many autistic people would benefit all of us in the fight against climate breakdown.

The Grammar of Being
How our use of language can define our relationship with the natural world. Featuring the work of Darren Appiagyei

A Poem by Oluwaseyi Oso

Living Forest
Words and photography by Misha Vallejo Prut. The Kichwa people of Sarayaku, in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, have always held a physical and spiritual connection with the jungle and its supreme beings, in order to maintain equilibrium within their world.

In (our) Nature
Tamara Dean’s beautifully composed photographs pull viewers into fantastical and instinctual worlds. She presents human beings immersed in ecosystems, as mammals threatened by environmental degradation just like any other species.

Issue #7

Perception Equity Revolution

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