Issue #16

Pluriverse Confluence Alliance

A critique of the prevailing narratives that shape our lives: challenging oppressive systems, revitalising cultural narratives, unveiling obscured histories, embracing paradigm shifts, while fostering transformation, imaginative realities, community solidarity, collective liberation and affection.

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New Imaginings / Intertwined Imaginaries
Photographer Tamary Kudita’s powerful portraits aim to retell and recentre the often obscured histories of Zimbabweans and other African cultures. Drawing from fabrics and mixing African and European histories, she uses fantastical imagination to explore identities.

Decolonising the Garden
Meet the ‘outspoken gardener’ who sees possibilities of an otherwise. During the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, gardener Sui Searle founded the platform Decolonising the Garden and the newsletter Radical to create a shared space for underrepresented voices in gardening and horticulture.

The Queer Pluriverse
How queer ways of living and loving could provide realisable models for a pluriversal future.

Archipelago of Care
How contemporary artists are working with the environment to co-create with nature, bridging the islands in the archipelago of the human and more-than-human world.

Finding Pluriversal Paths
The book Pluriverse - A Post-Development Dictionary, which this feature is extracted from, is an act of renewal and repoliticisation, where “the political” means a collaboration among dissenting voices over the kinds of alternative worlds we want to sustain or create.

The beginning, the middle, and the beginning
Nêgo Bispo, a prominent quilombola [inhabitant of a quilombo], is a poet, writer, teacher and political activist. His voice resonates as a leading advocate in the quilombola struggle for land and social rights and is also at the forefront of the debate for the dismantlement of colonial thought.

Reclaiming Place
Talia Woodin reflects on how their upbringing amidst an Oxford community’s reclamation of a green space, shaped the foundations of their creative practice and activism. The featured photographs comprise a collection captured by Talia in recent years, alongside those taken during the ages of 14 to 17.

Planting the Future
How can we imagine flourishing futures amid the polycrisis? Kalpana Arias explores how gardens are on the frontlines of resistance and regeneration.

In the beginning, there was the forest
Challenging misconceptions and reweaving the contemporary narrative, a group of Visayan heritage advocates are on a voyage to unearth the legacy of pre-colonial Philippines and reshape what it means to be a Filipino.

Oshun and Yemaya
Poem by Lisa-Kaindé Diaz

Teko Porã
The good and beautiful paths of bem viver

Healing Pasts and Growing Futures
The rhythms of nature remind us that harshness doesn’t have to harden us.

Issue #16

Pluriverse Confluence Alliance

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