Issue #14

Landscape Kinship Connection

Themes in this issue include a delve into the intricacies of identity, heritage, and connection to the environment; Indigenous worldviews and myth sharing; tales of kinship between animals and humans; fostering community connections and the connection between soil health and human health.

Cover of Issue #14


The Garden as a Mother
Writer Krystina Amato discusses discovering the enchanting teachings of the garden: a journey of nourishment, gratitude and connection.

Digging Deep
Bryon Armstrong talks about The Rootedness Project: Sustainability for Black and Racialized Men, a project in Toronto working with Black men who are seeking mental health support.

New Ways of Being and Healing Outside
A conversation between Sonji Shah and Maymana Arefin about how we can redefine our relationships with nature and create spaces for queer joy and healing outside racial capitalism

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah: Art, Grief and Radical Visions
Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah has become an internationally renowned activist and educator on the public health impacts of air pollution since the death of her daughter who had a severe form of asthma.

Healing by Design
Alexandra Strelcova writes about how design can be used to reimagine our approach to healing through the use of plant-based materials.

The Wisdom of Peach Trees
How thinking about conservation brought Millo Ankha closer to the ancestral knowledge of her community, the Apatanis.

Plant Teachers
To heal ourselves and the planet, writer Niellah Arboine asks if it is time to tread more quietly in order to hear the lessons from the more-than-human world?

Of Love, Land and Labour
Naomi Terry discusses how Black people and people of colour are shifting the narrative around farming and land use in Britain.

Of Love, Land and Labour
Naomi Terry discusses how Black people and people of colour are shifting the narrative around farming and land use in Britain.

Make Me Good Soil
Anna Souter talks about the writer Sophie Strand's work around the myth of the healthy self and why she advocates a view of mind and body as part of a broader web of relations with the world around us.

Dreaming a World
In an edited extract from their new book, It’s Not Just You, Tori Tsui discusses the transformative power of radical imagination.

Karl and Nora
Writer Sonia Rego tells of her journey of trust, healing, and enduring love with Karl and Nora, two dogs, who are part of her family.

Circa No Future
Nadia Huggin's work documents Caribbean boys’ interaction with the sea. It captures manhood, snippets of vulnerability and moments of abstraction that often go unrecognised in the day-to-day. The ocean itself takes on a personality - the embracing mother providing a safe space for being - which is both archetypal and poignant.

Issue #14

Landscape Kinship Connection

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