Issue #13

Rebirth Roots Rights

Themes in this issue include a call for love and care; radical kinship through reconnection with nature, community, and cultural practices, humanity's changing relationship with nature; the revival of sacred groves; and the empowerment of marginalised voices in environmental discourse.

Cover of Issue #13


Whale Whispering
Michaela Harrison is an international vocalist and healer. In this interview we discuss her project Whale Whispering, a musical collaboration with humpback whales; the power of sound as a healing tool; and human relationships with the ocean and Earth.

Re-Indigenising the Land
Harnessing the guiding light of their traditions and beliefs, the Indigenous Manobo youth of Bukidnon, in the Philippines, are leading the way in preserving their land and culture.

Radical Roots
In this practical guide to radical kinship, everyone from urban dwellers to farmers follow the journey of rerooting and rewilding through myth-telling as we step into the sensory realms of the more-than-human world.

Koji is Community
OmVed Gardens’ head chef Josephine Marchandise catches up with fermentation explorer and educator Pao-Yu Liu to discuss culture, community and not being scared of difference.

Common Ground
Root and tuber crops are a vital food source around the world. OmVed Gardens - a garden, exhibition and educational space in north London, UK - celebrates unusual varieties that taste good, whether cooked, pickled or raw.

Nature Rights
When Natalie Koffman and Flora Gregory discovered a mutual interest in the relationship between humans and nature, they embarked on a project that explores whether nature should have legal rights and what the world and our lives would look like if it did.

The Colour of Transformation
Through the metaphor of butterfly metamorphosis, a documentary shares new perspectives on nature from seven global majority women pioneers who work in land justice and biodiversity conservation. No longer waiting for a seat at the table, they are building their own.

Everything is Blindingly in Bloom
How a move to the country wilderness inspired Shana Cleveland to write an album of supernatural love songs.

Children of the Anthropocene
Writer Tallulah Brennan asks whether instead of questioning the ethics of having children in a climate crisis, is it time we focused on creating a loving society and shifting our attitudes on care?

My Local Pond is Disappearing and I Can’t Stop Watching
Last summer’s unprecedented heat resulted in a sticky end for a pond in Bromley, a town in southeast London, UK. Diyora Shadijanova charts its demise.

Rohit Nandha is a London-based designer, whose research focuses on the intersection between architecture and the poetics of food. p_l_an_t is his series of one-page mapped out plant-based recipes.

Rights and Responsibilities
Native American lawyer, author, teacher and activist Sherri Mitchell proposes how we can take back our power and build a rights-based society that is balanced, just and harmonious.

I Live in Dandora Phase 4
Kevin Ochieng talks about his childhood in the Dandora slums in Nairobi, Kenya. While him and his family didn't have much, it was a place where children could be children and have fun.

Issue #13

Rebirth Roots Rights

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