Issue #11

Coexistance/ Regeneration / Inclusion

This issue covers envisioning a resilient future with Rob Hopkins, dreaming in science fiction, kinship with the more-than-human world, an interview with fermentation revivalist Sandor Katz, and the Wild Arrows film series revealing an interconnected world.

Cover of Issue #11


Reimagining “What If?”
An interview with Rob Hopkins who is the co-founder of Transition Network, a global movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world: using participatory methods to shape a low-carbon, socially-just future with resilient communities.

Alive and Enchanted
The UK lacks forest. Ben Rawlence advocates that regeneration offers a chance to move beyond current systems and create a soul connection with woodlands - a chance to rejoin nature.

When Seeing the World As Alive Is Called Madness
An extract from the book Nature is a Human Right: Why We’re Fighting for Green in a Grey World. Writer Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd talks of how silent observations and deep kinship with the non-human world aids in the understanding of ecological and Indigenous grief and ancestral ties.

Yoseca is a Yanomami artist who lives in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil, between the states of Amazonas and Roraima. His drawings combine images of shamanic spirits with scenes from daily forest life, showing the importance of trees and their spirits in the life-giving forest ecosystem and the Yanomami belief system.

Growing Hope
How Syrians displaced by war have adapted to their new ways of living, just like the fungi they are now cultivating for their survival.

At Sikh temples, food is provided to any and all who wish to eat, regardless of faith or identity. Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck looks at the practice of Langar as a model of inclusion and compassion.

Dreaming in Sci-Fi
Addressing climate breakdown will require transformational shifts in our politics and culture. A few lessons from science fiction’s imaginative explorations could help.

Wild Arrows
An ongoing series of films combines Indigenous knowledge with western scientific and philosophical perspectives to show the wonder of the interconnected world.

Wild Fermentation
OmVed Gardens’ head chef Jo March catches up with fermentation revivalist and author Sandor Katz to discuss environment, tradition and fermentation as metaphor.

Grasping the Nettle
When Aletta Harrison moved from nature-rich South Africa to Britain, she found a sense of belonging in an unexpected place – Kent’s ‘weed’-filled hedgerows.

Staying Power
Adventures in nature don’t always have to be pursued in other lands, sometimes they can be found closer to home.

The Palm Tree Diaspora
How an encounter with tropical palms in the temperate climate of Brest, France, made writer Márcio Cruz reflect on the journeys of plants and his ancestors.

What Can’t Be Taken
A poem by Andrea Gibson

Emerging Islands
Madeleine Bazil catches up with Nicola Sebastian and David Loughran from Emerging Islands – a coastal-based organisation based on the island of Luzon, northern Philippines. Their activities explore engagements between artists and grassroots communities on issues relating to the natural world through their artist residency program, community programming, artist-led expeditions, and multidisciplinary storytelling.

i, other
A words and photography feature by David Ụzọchukwu

Issue #11

Coexistance/ Regeneration / Inclusion

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