Issue #10

Culture Diversity Ancestry

The themes in this issue include the intersection of food culture and microbial life; Indigenous rights in the face of green colonialism; land rights struggles; the paradoxical impact of modern technology on nature connection and the preservation of seed diversity and language.

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Voice of An Ancestor
A interview with Kendall Francis, a conservation fellow at the National Gallery in London, UK, who is researching the legacies of colonialism, slavery and exploitation in artists’ materials.

Microcultural Revolution
OmVed Gardens’ head chef Jo March catches up with chef, fermentation expert, food scientist and author David Zilber to discuss food culture, existence, symbiosis and harmony.

The Sámi Narrative
Sámi people have an ancient reciprocal relationship with reindeer and the landscapes of the European Arctic. Against the backdrop of a warming world and the spectre of “green colonialism”, their way of life is under threat.

Nature in the Digital Age
Modern technology promises to bring us closer to each other and to nature, but is this an illusion?

Understanding Antarctica
As the polar regions reach record temperatures, two young climate justice activists head to Antarctica to experience the changes first hand.

No Word for Nature
Forced off their land and bearing the brunt of climate change, Inuit people are fighting to maintain their cultural traditions.

What Counts
Wildlife expert and naturalist Chris Packham wants to see everyone in the UK contribute to The Big Plastic Count, a collaboration between Greenpeace UK and non-profit organisation Everyday Plastic that is asking individuals, households, schools, community groups and businesses to count their plastic packaging waste.

Weather Warning
Antarctic atmospheric scientist John Law describes his work at Rothera Research Station.

Portal to the Past
Fewer than 20 people speak Yakuunte. With the help of her centenarian grandfather, Juliana Lorisho is determined to keep the tribal language and traditions of the Yaaku people alive.

Consulting the Oracles
For those seeking deeper meaning in life, timeless divinatory practices can offer insight and enchantment.

Holy Trees
The practice of nature worship prevalent in an Indigenous community in south India signifies the interconnected kinship of all life forms on Earth.

Words World Worlds
Sometimes words feel inadequate when trying to describe nature, but if we get creative we can expand our vocabulary to bring our world to life.

Words and photographs by Denisse Ariana Pérez

Healing Through Remembering
Words and photographs by Eli Farinango

Saving Seed
Introducing The Seed Saving Network. Hosted by Omved Gardens, it is a community of growers across the UK that aim to save open-pollinated seed for the future. The network is guided by seed sovereignty, adaptation to climate change, and building community.

Issue #10

Culture Diversity Ancestry

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