Issue #1

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This issue includes documentation of threats to the Uru-eu-wau-wau, border-conscious ecology, a story of migration from London to rural life in Gotland, chefs shaping food culture, Annie Risemberg's photographs of Djenné's Great Mosque preservation and the cultural significance of dorodango.

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Hikaru Dorodango
Naoto Kanesaka is the director of the Children’s Centre in Kobe City, in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture. When studying early years education at university he discovered dorodango, the process of making mud balls, or dumplings. He now encourages the practice at the centre, and among adults via a Facebook group that he manages.

Gabriel Uchida’s photographic exploration led him to the Uru-eu-wau-wau and the heart of the Amazon, where he found a way of life under threat. Illegal logging, burning, and land seizure, often accompanied by death threats, have become part of everyday life for indigenous people living in the Amazonian regions of Brazil.

The Wild Inside Us
If we want to help nature to restore itself, we need to start looking at our borders through the eyes of our ecosystems. Words by Anna Souter.

Crossing Borders. From London to Gotland.
Paul Wu and his family left the UK in January 2019, moving from a suburban south London home to a farm on Sweden's largest island.

The Chef's Manifesto
Our food culture is shaped by many things, but chefs are some of the biggest influencers. Like supermarkets, their choices impact the whole supply chain - from farm to fork - and the very foundations of our food system and food culture.

Food Identity
More than any other food, vegetables connect us to the seasons and to where we live, and are unique to each region and nation. For a local voice and a global statement on diversity, vegetables are the food of choice.

The Compost Connection
Realising that their way of life was affecting both the planet and their own physical and mental health led Amandine, Benoit and their friends to change their lifestyle.

Through the Keyhole
How to make a keyhole permaculture vegetable bed using only kitchen by-products and basic garden tools.

The Field Beyond
When boundaries both divide and connect, is it possible to be on both sides of the line at the same time?

Meeting the Wild: a Facilitator’s Field Notes
Rewilding the self requires us to move away from our anthropocentric notions of ourselves and embrace being at one with nature.

The Great Mosque
Photography by Annie Risemberg. To preserve and protect the walls of Djenné’s Great Mosque, every year, before the rains come, the residents gather together to re-plaster the walls – an act known as the crépissage de la Grande Mosquée (the plastering of the Great Mosque).

Decay Photography
Photography by Allan Jenkins.

Issue #1

Explore / Earth / Nature

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