Bioglyh by artist Daro Montag - featured in Where the Leaves Fall Magazine


The magazine contains a series of themed features (exploring three themes per magazine) and a number of shorter dialogues (essays, thoughts, expressions, ideas). It’s important to remember that the overriding direction of the magazine is to explore humankind’s connection with nature. We look for contemporary global stories to be told as locally as possible, and to be as inclusive as possible. It’s also important to remember that this magazine may be read anywhere in the world. We hope that every feature and dialogue will allow space for the reader to consider how the text might reflect on them and the way we live our lives – constructive, honest and accurate writing.

We welcome thoughts, ideas, and actions. If you’d like to get involved as a writer, illustrator, photographer or in any other way then get in touch. In the first instance please send a paragraph detailing your proposed piece of writing and links to examples of your writing. Please don’t send large files via email. If you do have images etc. you want us to view then please send a website or cloud link, or transfer the files via a suitable platform.

The themes we’ll be exploring over the next magazine is:

CRISIS / RESILIENCE / RECOVERY – mid-August deadline.

If you have a shorter essay idea that would work well for the dialogues section of the magazine this doesn’t have to be based on one of these themes but has to follow the magazine’s overriding theme of exploring humankind’s connection with nature.

With each magazine we aim to feature a balance of perspectives (personal stories and responses), features (more journalistic stories), photographic essays, and interviews. The essays that sit at the back of the magazine can be illustrative, practical, thoughtful, exploratory, or poetic. We look to find a balance and flow of content across each magazine.

We also welcome collaborations with organisations – please get in touch with any suggestions, ideas or questions: [email protected] 

Please note that we’re a small team and while we do our best, we can’t reply to every enquiry.