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Photography - issue #2

The Journey Home

Concept & creative direction by Gillian O'Brien
Photography by Ali Tollervey

‘Journey is in and around us, the heather plants, the wood, the world - a constant evolution in time and space.’

Following a fashion photo shoot, The Flower Laboratory didn’t want the heather plants they’d used to go to waste and took them to an ancient woodland to reimagine them as a land art sculpture. In the wood they chanced upon an existing structure that had been assembled from fallen branches. It appeared as a shelter, or possibly a home.

The Flower Laboratory team and photographer Ali Tollervey created the installation in silence, allowing the sound and movement of the wood to permeate through its creation. As the trees shed their leaves, preparing for their own journey into the next season, the sunlight flickered through the remaining canopy, casting interesting shifting shadows.

Afterwards,the team carefully dismantled the work so as to leave no trace of their presence. The heather plant, Erica gracilis, can maintain its colour for many months, and the plants were donated to Grounded Ecotherapy – an organisation based in London, UK, offering horticultural therapy to people suffering through mental health issues, substance misuse, or homelessness.

‘The journey continues.’

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Photography - issue #2

Photography - issue #2