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Dialogues - Issue #1

Through the Keyhole

Words and photography by Rachel Booth

How to make a keyhole permaculture vegetable bed using only kitchen by-products and basic garden tools.

This spring, OmVed Gardens, in London, England, hosted the second in a series of five weekend workshops with acupuncturist Lori Hillman.

Lori is an expert in Oriental medicine and food energetics, and she teaches the importance of planetary health and the interdependent connection between humankind and nature. Her workshop explored the quintessence of soil, the important link between soil health and nutrition, and the fascinating relationship between humans and the mycorrhizal network (networks created by mycorrhizal fungi that connect individual plants together and transfer water, carbon, nitrogen, and other nutrients and minerals). We also delved deep into the principles of permaculture and whole systems thinking.

Permaculture is a word that has been used since the late 1970s, (originally referring to “permanent agriculture” and more recently to “permanent culture” to acknowledge the important social and cultural elements) and is based on a set of principles that stem from three core ethics of earth care, people care and fair share.

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