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Earth Day 2022

Compiled by Laura Gheorghita

The theme chosen for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In our Planet”, focusing in on the key solutions that will help us achieve the greenhouse gas reductions required by 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement. The human race, and particularly the key polluting nations and businesses, are at a pivotal moment in how we act for change and those actions, or inactions, will be noted and remembered.

We invited our community of readers and contributors to share the kind of ancestor they want to be and the seeds they wish to sow for the generations to come. Many thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts - we wish you all to nurture your wild spirit and kind nature, to cherish and pursue your ambition to create change and to live your best version of our future. This is your message for our dear Earth…

I want to be the kind of ancestor that leaves the next generation with more wild spaces, more appreciation of their connectedness to nature, and more understanding of their role in caring for the Earth and each other. – Nikki B. Lizares @eearthchildd

‘I'd like to be the ancestor that made a difference - that made something happen to leave this Earth in a better state than I found it. I'd like to be the ancestor that inspired future generations to take care of their environment, and therefore also of each other and themselves.’

— @handbookofmagic

One who has inspired others to care for each other and to care for the land that provides for them daily. – Lisa Marie Price @lisapriceart

Photograph by Ron Dauphin.

An ever-present force of positive energy in guiding, supporting and nurturing the right doings of future. - Marion Bergin @marionbergin_

‘I'd like to be the ancestor that created something that gave hope, which inspired the future generations to dream, seek the truth, question fearlessly, believe, trust and more importantly encouraged people to think for themselves.’

— @trishna.rima

I’d like to see that the endangered plants that are native to this country make it: Davall's sedge (Carex davalliana), Ghost orchid (Epipogium aphyllum), Wood calamint (Clinopodium menthifolium), Crested cow-wheat (Melampyrum cristatum), Red helleborine (Cephalanthera rubra) - to allow the future generations to know what should be here. – Sophie Ambelas @by.sophieambelas

A connector. - Zayaan Khan @byzayaankhan

Photograph by Nadiia Ploshchenko.

I'd love to be an ancestor who leaves the Earth in a better state than I encountered it when I was born. I want to be known for making art out of plastic, costume jewellery and other waste items that would have otherwise been dumped in the ocean or end up as landfill. I want the next generation to use my example to become creative when faced with planet problems and plant seeds of hope with their actions. - Inan Ayrad @rmc_108

I would want to be considered as someone who resonates with people. I would like to be the ancestor that could be seen as someone with an altruistic outlook. - Marie Smith @marie_elaine_

‘One who took part into changing the future for better by nurturing herself and Earth. One who did something when there was still time. A responsible ancestor who didn't steal a beautiful future from the unborn child.’

— Barsha Mallik

One that was careful with the land. – Alice Vincent @noughticulture

I simply want to be a steward to nature, to look after nature - to serve and preserve. Serving is generally seen as an inferior act but it’s an honour in my opinion - to have a purpose to understand why you do what you do. - Darren Appiagyei @inthegrainn

Photograph courtesy NASA.

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