Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd is an award-winning Indigenous multi-species futurist, mentor, consultant and eco-philosopher; co-founder of Queer Nature, an “organism” stewarding earth-based queer community through ancestral skills, interspecies relations and rites of passage. Enchanted by the liminal, Pınar is a future transcestor of Quechua, Turkish and Chinese lineages. They were the 2020 recipient of Audubon National Society's National Environmental Champion as well as R.I.S.E. Indigenous 2020 Art & Poetry Fellowship. Pınar is the founder of @indigequeers; founding Council Member of Intersectional Environmentalist; trans ambassador of Native Womens Wilderness; and a founding member of Diversify Outdoors coalition.