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Pitching to Where the Leaves Fall

If you are considering pitching an article or photographic essay idea to WtLF magazine, please first look through the features, dialogues and photographic essays on the website to get a feel for our house style and what we are looking for. Also take a look at the About section of the website.

Each issue of the print magazine is divided into three themed sections, containing a combination of written features, Q&As and photographic features, and the back of the magazine contains shorter dialogues. Please see below for details of upcoming magazines.

Written features

Written features are between 1400 and 3000 words in length. They tend to be well-researched, drawing on numerous sources, and written in the third person. Occasionally we will run pieces in the first person where the writer is an expert or has a particular perspective on a subject. Q&As are a similar length to written features and include an introduction.

Photographic features

Photographic features are based on a series of images and include an introduction of 500-800 words.


Dialogues are shorter, first person takes on a subject, and tend to be either 550 or 800 words in length. These can be illustrative, practical, thoughtful, exploratory, or poetic. As with features, we look for the writer to have an expertise or a particular perspective to bring to these pieces.

Artists and illustrators

We enjoy working with artists and illustrators from around the world. If you’d like us to consider your portfolio please email us with a link and short paragraph about you.

Audio and Video

Beyond the print pages of the magazine the website offers up space for audio and video. If you have a work or project you'd like us to consider then please email us with a link and short paragraph about it.

Other opportunities

From time to time we have other opportunities and ways to get involved. Please sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media for details of these.

Notes on style

The overriding direction of the magazine is to explore humankind’s connection with nature. We look for contemporary global stories to be told as locally as possible, and to be as inclusive as possible. It’s also important to remember that this magazine may be read anywhere in the world. We hope that every feature and dialogue will allow space for the reader to consider how the text might reflect on them and the way we live our lives – constructive, honest and accurate writing.

How to approach us

Please do not send completed articles or essays, but rather email an outline of 300 words or less stating your idea, what makes it interesting, why it matters now, what perspective or reporting you will bring to it, what theme (see upcoming themes below) of the magazine you see it fitting with, and the article style you have in mind (feature, photographic essay or dialogue). Please also include examples of previous work.

Please don’t send large files via email. If you have images that you want us to view then please send a private website or cloud link.

WtLF requests first serial rights for all pieces (with the exception of photography and poetry). We also seek a licence to republish all content from our print magazine online in perpetuity. If your work has been previously published then please include details.

To submit your idea, please email: [email protected]

Our response

While we endeavour to reply to every submission, we do receive a lot and it's not always possible to provide a detailed response.

WtLF is a quarterly magazine, and we are a small team, so if you don’t hear back immediately, please be patient.

Themes for 2022 issues

Issue #9, January 2022: Collaboration / Community / Consciousness

Issue #10, April 2022: Culture / Diversity / Ancestry

Issue #11, July 2022: Regeneration / Exploration / Inclusion

Ideas for the dialogues section of the magazine do not have to be based on one of these themes but all content has to follow the magazine’s overriding theme of exploring humankind’s connection with nature.


We also welcome collaborations with organisations - please get in touch with any suggestions, ideas or questions: [email protected]


Aaron Davis

Abass Owolabi Adesola

Abhiroop Sen

Ailton Krenak

Alastair and Fleur Mackie

Alex Hyde

Alex Morss

Ali Tollervey

Alice McCabe

Alice Renard

Allan Jenkins

Amelia Rouse

Aminatu Gambo

Amruta Patil

Amy Clarkson

Ana Mendieta

Anaïs Tondeur

Anaïs Hazo

Andrea Popyordanova

Angeles Rodenas

Ann Marie Chischilly

Anna Kary

Anna Souter

Annie Risemberg

Antonina Savytska

Arthur Potts Dawson

Aryaana Khan

Ashten Macdonald

Atikah Zata Amani

Avery Robertson

Ayaka Oba

Ayisha Siddiqa

Bela Gil

Britt Willoughby Dyer

Bryony Dixon

Camila Fudissaku

Catherine Gilon

Ceres Hadich

Chris King

Christina Henriksen

Christina Peake

Christine Loh

Clara Widdison

Cleiton Campos

Cláudia Salgueiro

Conor Spacey

Corinne Woods

Daniel Briggs

Danny Birchall

Daro Montag

Darren Appiagyei

David Reeve

Davis Reuben Sekamwa

DeLovie Kwagala

Deepti Asthana

Diana Ejaita

Dirk-Jan Visser

Dominique Palmer

Dr Craig Santos Perez

Elder Dr Dave Courchene

Elizabeth Mrema

Ellen Miles

Emilio Ramos

Emily Garthwaite

Emma Johnson

Erica Daniels

Fadi Al-Shami

Fernando Leal

Francis Mwanza

Fraser Livingston

Gabriel Uchida

Gabriela Rueda

Gessimar Medeiros

Gillian O'Brien

Harriet Gendall

Ian van Coller

Igor Tereshkov

Isaias Hernandez

James Cromwell

Jeremy Lent

Jessica Lindgren-Wu

Jini Reddy

Jo Marchant

Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

John Francis Serwanga

Jonny Keen

José Luis Vicente Vicente

Julia Watson

Kala Ramesh

Karen Leason

Kate Kuzminova

Katie Dancey-Downs

Kavita Naidu

Kazi Md. Jahirul Islam

Kent Andreasen

Khadija Hussein Murad

Kirsty Badenoch

Krystina Amato

Laurence Lindars

Lemn Sissay

Lito Apostolakou

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Lori Hillman

Louise Hildreth

Luciane Pisani

Līga Kitchen

Maia Magoga

Maia Nikitina

Maia Wikler

Makaśa Looking Horse

Margo Farnsworth

Maria Laet

Maria Luisa Cavalcanti

Mark Brand

Mary Flora Hart

Masha Karpushina

Mashudu Takalani

Maureen Muketha

Mayumi Sato

Michael Mann

Mihnea Tănăsescu

Misha Vallejo Prut

Mya-Rose Craig

Myrna Cunningham

Márcio Cruz

Naoto Kanesaka

Natalie Chung Sum Yue

Nick MacMurray

Néstor Alonso López

Olga Zarko

Oluwaseyi Oso

Patrick Steel

Paul F Cockburn

Paul Gazerwitz

Paul Wu

Pei-Hsin Cho

Peter McConchie

Piotr Depta-Kleśta

Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

Rachel Booth

Rachelle Robinett

Ranjith Puliyath

Rashida Chavis

Rebecca Clark

Ricardo Lima

Richard Fortey

Rob Symons

Robert Futrell

Rodion Sulyandziga

Rushika Wick

Sarat Rao

Shell Parsons

Siddhartha Hajra

Silvia Peduto

Sol Polo

Sonia Rego

Staffan Windstrand

Stuart Spray

Sônia Guajajara

Tamara Dean

Tamara Lightning

Tamisha Lee

Thin Lei Win

Thomas Broadhead

Tim Dougherty

Tim Leeson

Tom Sweetland

Vanessa Nakate

Victor Steffensen

Victoria Chown

Will Burns

Will Hearle

Yakuta Poonawalla

Yulia Iakovleva

Zanagee Artis

Zayaan Khan

Zina Ponomareva