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Where the Leaves Fall is a magazine that considers local and global experiences and knowledge as a pathway to healing our relationship with nature, with culture, with community and with our home, the Earth. It offers a critique of prevailing narratives that shape our lives: challenging oppressive systems, revitalising cultural narratives, unveiling obscured histories, embracing paradigm shifts, while fostering transformation, imaginative realities, community solidarity, collective liberation and affection. As we seek to rethink and repair our relationship with our home, the Earth, we hope this magazine envisions alternative paths, emphasising interconnectedness, recognising the wisdom of marginalised communities and advocating for transformative actions and expansive solutions rooted in cultural, social and environmental consciousness.

The magazine was co-founded by Luciane Pisani, David Reeve and Karen Leason. The first 10 issues were sub-edited by Patrick Steel, before Niellah Arboine joined the team as an editor from issue 11. However, the magazine is a journal of many voices - of the many people that have come together on its pages and inspired, influenced, shared and protested. We acknowledge the significance of these voices, and the many more that we haven’t yet found space for. These voices play a crucial role in tackling the multiple crises at the core of the climate emergency. We stand in solidarity. We dance with affection. We join you, dreaming other worlds.

In June 2023 we were left a gift on a yellow card – Teko porã – Que todos possamos caminhar juntos ao Bem Viver. The stories we’d been telling in the magazine, or listening to, were stories of radical imagination, of dreams, of different worlds – where darkness isn’t something to fear, and “healing in community is what we need - and not just human community, more-than-human community” (Sophie Strand from #15’s Make Me Good Soil). And this is what Cristine Takuá meant with this message that she wrote in Guarani and Portuguese. “Teko porã” - a philosophical, political, social, and spiritual notion that is expressed when we live in balance, respect, and harmony – “may we all walk towards living well”.