where the leaves fall is a magazine exploring humankind’s connection with nature through the intersection between social justice and the environment, art, science, culture, philosophy and food.

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Pluriverse Confluence Alliance

Issue #16

A critique of the prevailing narratives that shape our lives: challenging oppressive systems, revitalising cultural narratives, unveiling obscured histories, embracing paradigm shifts, while fostering transformation, imaginative realities, community solidarity, collective liberation and affection.

The beginning, the middle, and the beginning
Nêgo Bispo, a prominent quilombola [inhabitant of a quilombo], is a poet, writer, teacher and political activist. His voice resonates as a leading advocate in the quilombola struggle for land and social rights and is also at the forefront of the debate for the dismantlement of colonial thought.

Decolonising the Garden
Meet the ‘outspoken gardener’ who sees possibilities of an otherwise. During the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, gardener Sui Searle founded the platform Decolonising the Garden and the newsletter Radical to create a shared space for underrepresented voices in gardening and horticulture.

New Imaginings / Intertwined Imaginaries
Photographer Tamary Kudita’s powerful portraits aim to retell and recentre the often obscured histories of Zimbabweans and other African cultures. Drawing from fabrics and mixing African and European histories, she uses fantastical imagination to explore identities.

The Queer Pluriverse
How queer ways of living and loving could provide realisable models for a pluriversal future